Industrial Wastewater

Destroy wastewater pollutants with the oxidising power of Chlorine Dioxide

Industrial Wastewater

As well as being a powerful disinfectant, ClO2 can also be used to oxidise challenging wastewater pollutants such as cyanide, phenols, sulphides, iron and manganese from industrial wastewater streams

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Increasing regulations mean that acceptable discharge limits for a number of industrial pollutants will fall by >30% in the next 5 years

Where low levels of persistent industrial residuals are found in wastewater, Chlorine Dioxide can often strike the ideal balance between a low cost, environmentally friendly treatment for these waste streams, when compared with chemical and capital intensive programs based on peroxide and/or UV.

Used as a complement to advanced biological wastewater treatment systems that are designed to treat the bulk of the waste stream, chlorine dioxide can be used as a polishing agent for the final stream. Unlike chlorine based treatments, ClO2 does not form complex chlorinated by-products, and can often be discharged to watercourses without dechlorination, eventually degrading to salt. Unlike peroxide based systems, no catalysts or pH adjustments are required, with most ClO2 action taking place within the normal pH range.

Scotmas have developed advanced wastewater treatment systems for chemical processing plants, mining and refinery operations, and have the in house chemistry, microbiology and engineering talents to deliver a system suitable for your individual requirements, and with the data logging and environmental monitoring systems demanded by your regulators. Contact us today for further details.


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Managing Director, Alistair Cameron gives an overview of Scotmas Group and our expertise in Chlorine Dioxide


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