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Increase Profits with a Chlorine Dioxide System that Removes Biofouling

Power & Industrial

An effective, eco-friendly solution to biofouling, helping to save millions for the industry through better heat transfer efficiency and reduced maintenance costs

Cooling towers, seawater intakes, condensers and distribution pipework are all susceptible to the build-up of biological fouling on their surfaces that lead to increased energy, maintenance and compliance costs. This fouling cannot be removed easily by traditional biocide treatments such as chlorination.

Scotmas ClO2 systems combine the disinfecting power of chlorine dioxide with state of the art control and monitoring systems to minimise chemical consumption, environmental impact and corrosion risk. Our systems are installed on systems ranging from small pack cooling towers through to power station seawater intakes, and paper mill water handling applications.

Scotmas can work with your on-site water specialists to deliver a system that enhances your site performance, bottom line, and environmental compliance.

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