Legionella Control

ClO2 solution to persistent water distribution problems

Legionella Control

WHO Water Safety plans being adopted by regulators around the world now encourage a holistic approach.

- Designed for HTM04-01 compliance

- Chlorine Dioxide technology will help you adhere to L8 regulations

Legionella And Iso

Water management in buildings is now about far more than disinfecting tanks and legionella control.

Since the first recorded case of Legionnaires Disease in 1976, building services managers have faced increasing regulatory oversight of their management of hot and cold water distribution systems in buildings.

Particularly in older or very complex buildings, it is difficult to maintain water temperatures at the outlet above the required 50C. Unused areas of the building, and pipework dead-legs often create reservoirs of bacterial contamination that break out to re-infect water systems, causing persistent “legionella positive” failures when bacteriological testing is carried out.

Chlorine Dioxide legionella control offers the most effective method for the treatment of hot and cold water systems. Chlorine Dioxide can be applied as an additional control measure, or where it is not feasible to maintain hot water temperatures >50C.

Today, L8 legislation and guidance such as the UKs HSG274, encourages operators to move from the simple “Risk Assessment” methodology to a complete “Water Safety Plan”, as being encouraged worldwide by the WHO. This means that operators must look at the wider aspects of water treatment in buildings, including the presence of pseudomonas, biofilms and other factors that might cause bacterial illness.

Scotmas pioneered the use of Chlorine Dioxide in the UK building services sector, carrying out the first trials in the late 1990s. Our unparalleled experience and extensive product range make us the ideal partner for facilities managers and water treatment professionals looking to introduce ClO2 as part of their water management strategy. 

Scotmas are members of the LCA (Legionella Control Association) with regard to the application of our products and equipment for legionella control. You can download our certificate and code of conduct here. 


Legionella Control - Key Products

Bravo WA
Bravo WA

Designed for efficient proportional dosing of building service water systems with ClO2

Bravo WX
Bravo WX

Combining state of the art dosing with online residual monitoring and control, the Bravo WX is ideal for whole-campus treatment


Our web based monitoring and logging tool provides total assurance and auditability of your ClO2 treatment system

Cidox Tablets
Cidox Tablets

For one-off disinfection of water tanks and pipework, Cidox Chlorine Dioxide Tablets deliver the biocidal power of ClO2 without messy liquids


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Managing Director, Alistair Cameron gives an overview of Scotmas Group and our expertise in Chlorine Dioxide


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