Laboratory & Disinfection

The highest levels of sanitation using the power of ClO2

Laboratory & Disinfection

The powerful disinfecting qualities of ClO2 make it an ideal alternative to glutaraldehyde, quaternary and peroxide based disinfectants



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On average, 10 times less Chlorine Dioxide is required to achieve equivalent disinfection effect versus chlorine

Challenging disinfection requirements need effective products to be delivered in a format that is safe and easy to handle. Leveraging our extensive experience in Chlorine Dioxide technology, Scotmas offer a wide range of off-the-shelf tablet and liquid disinfectant products, as well as work with leading formulators and brand leaders to develop customised ClO2 products such as wipes, sachets and vapour disinfection systems that are already integrated into leading disinfectant brands around the world.

Our work at the front line of challenging disinfection problems found in clean rooms and laboratories gives us a deep understanding of industry needs. Our strong technical focus and unparalled experience and testing/technical library allows us to work with formulators in different markets around the World to deliver practical ClO2 products that meet the most challenging standards, such as EN13697 for the removal of bacteria, fungi and spores from surfaces.

For end users requiring a simple source of ClO2 disinfectant in liquid form, our Cidox tablets can simply be added to water in order to produce a powerful disinfecting solution that is safe and easy to handle.

Laboratory & Disinfection - Key Products

Cidox Tablets
Cidox Tablets

Simply add a Cidox tablet to the required amount of water to produce a disinfecting solution that is compliant with the requirements of EN13697 and below


Combining the power of Chlorine Dioxide with the long term action of low concentrations of QAC, Hysan is an ideal liquid treatment for fungal spores and airborne viral infections

Consumer Solutions
Consumer Solutions

Our specialist consumer solutions division works with leading brands to produce speciality liquid, gel, tablet and sachet products for distinct applications around the World


Introducing Scotmas Group

Managing Director, Alistair Cameron gives an overview of Scotmas Group and our expertise in Chlorine Dioxide


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